Ayane Sato

I was born on September 4, 1986, in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan. I'm a Japanese lithographer and printmaker currently living in Tokyo. My love and passion for the arts have awarded me at competitions and an opportunity to publish an picture book in 2021.

In 2010 I graduated from Musashino Art University with a Bachelors's degree and immediately after joined L'art Verité Lithography Laboratory. During this time, I got the opportunity to study under Mr. Yasutoshi Ishibashi; an official master printer, of the US Temarind Research Institute. To this day I'm still learning from him.

I love to draw  using watercolors, acrylics, oil-based colored pencils, pencils, and silk-screens and love print expressions. My work tends to depict what's between reality and the unknown and reflect storytelling elements, freedom, a sense of discovery, and internal dialogue with my inner self.


With art, I get to experience freedom like no other and a total focus of being one with art. Art allows my inner self to notice me, interact with me, and share ideas with me that's when ideas come naturally to me.

【Award history】


1st Macau International Print Painting Triennale Artist Invitation (Macau)


Japan Print Association 80th Print Exhibition Selection (Tokyo, Japan)


9th Kochi International Printmaking Triennale Selection (Kochi, Japan)


Japan Print Association 83th Print Exhibition Selection (Tokyo, Japan) 


37th Cadaqués International Mini Print Exhibition Selection (Cadaqués, Spain)

Japan Print Association 85th Print Exhibition Selection (Tokyo, Japan) 


Shiko Munakata International Printmaking Awards Selection (Aomori, Japan)


Bologna Children's Book Fair Selection (Bologna, Italy)

Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition Semi-grand prize (Canada/The Federation gallery and more)

38th Cadaqués International Mini Print Exhibition Finalist (Cadaqués, Spain)

17th Lessedra World Art Print Annual Selection (Bulgaria/Lessedla Gallery)

Japan Print Association 86th Print Exhibition Selection (Tokyo, Japan)

CWAJ Modern Print Show Selection (Tokyo, Japan)


A' Design Award and Competition 2019 Visual Communication Silver Award (Italy)

39th Cadaqués International Mini Print Exhibition Selection (Cadaqués, Spain)

Japan Print Association 87th Print Exhibition Selection (Tokyo, Japan)

【Solo Exhibition】


Ayane Sato Solo Exhibition - Unusual - (Ginza, Tokyo,Japan/O Gallery)  


Ayane Sato Solo Exhibition - Strange and Funny Story - (Nishinomiya,Hyogo,Japan/Gallery Komorebi)

Ayane Sato Solo Exhibition -Dear- (Kita, Osaka,Japan/ART COCKTAIL)   


Ayane Sato Solo Exhibition -Let Me Put A Magic Spell On You - (Ginza, Tokyo,Japan/Gallery Ortell)


Ayane Sato Solo Exhibition -Exhibition on the Picture Book "Mysterious Nya-Chika- (Nihonbashi, Tokyo,Japan/Gallery Shinobazu)

Ayane Sato Solo Exhibition -Exhibition on the Picture Book "Mysterious Nya-Chika- (Kita-ku,Osaka,Japan/Gallery Oto)

【Group Exhibition/Art fair】


L'art Verité Lithograph Exhibition (Roppongi, Tokyo,Japan/AXIS gallery)  


L'artVerité Lithograph Exhibition (Kunitachi, Tokyo,Japan/Court Gallery)


Ayane Sato, Masaya Toda Two Lithographers Exhibition (Ginza, Tokyo,Japan/O Gallery)


Book-Cover Design Exhibition (Ginza, Tokyo,Japan/Gallery Kanon)

Book-Cover Design Exhibition II (Ginza, Tokyo,Japan/Gallery Kanon)             


Three Printmakers Exhibition (Ginza, Tokyo,Japan/Gallery Kanon)

Grotesukyun (Shinjuku,Tokyo,Japan/Gallery Kei)

Printmaking New Year's Card Exchange Exhibition (Korea/Bonno Art Street)

Taipei Illustration Fair (Taipei,Taiwan/Taipei City Culture Bureau)

Prints Are Something Different IV (Shinjuku, Tokyo,Japan/Art Complex Center)

Handwriting Speaks To Us -Exhibition By Three Print Artists- (Kanagawa, Yokohama,Japan/Art Truth)

The 14th Exlibris Exhibition (Futakotamagawa, Tokyo,Japan/Atelier Attico)

THE FACTORY (Kanagawa, Yokohama,Japan/Gallery Shimizu)


Dreams of Flowers On A Spring Night (Hikifune, Tokyo,Japan/Gallery Hydrangea)

Grotesukyun (Shinjuku, Tokyo,Japan/Gallery Kei)

Monochrome + α (Shimokitazawa, Tokyo,Japan/GALLERY HANA SHIMOKITAZAWA)

Modern and Past Illustration Exhibition (Ginza, Tokyo,Japan/GINZA SIX)                

Tanzaku Exhibition (Shinjuku, Tokyo,Japan/Isetan Ginza, Tokyo,Japan/Arai Gallery)

KENZAN2019 (Shinjuku, Tokyo,Japan/Shinjuku Park Tower)


The Power of Art(Shinjuku, Tokyo,Japan/Isetan)

gift 2020 with Amabie (Nihonbashi, Tokyo,Japan/Gallery Shinobazu)


gift 2021 The summer of a lifetime.(Nihonbashi, Tokyo,Japan/Gallery Shinobazu)

And more…

【InterView Article】
Art Appreciator Evangelist Aya Tachibana wrote an article (Article is in Japanese) 
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